This document outlines the Terms & Conditions between (“Futura”) and any company/individual (“Client”) that hires Futura to perform particular services. This document governs each party’s rights and obligations relating to the services provided by Futura and is described in each Statement of Work (“SOW”) entered into here under.

Futura and Client agree to have an SOW in place in written form, whether as a physical letter or an e-mail, precisely describing the services requested by Client that are to be provided by Futurawebsite. Accordingly, it will also include (but will not be limited to): personal or corporate information, description of the parties’ responsibilities, and payment schedule.

It is assumed that the SOW will be built based on Client’s requests and can be altered upon first review of the project plan. An SOW can be altered within the first two days of the project’s initiation. In order for the change to come into effect, it must be recorded in writing and approved by the involved developer/designer from Futura.

Alternatively, should Futura and Client be unable to agree on some aspects of the description of Services, Client has 5 business days to terminate the SOW.


Client agrees that it will cooperate with Futurawebsite and provide any mandatory information that is required for the completion an SOW.

Client is responsible for providing accurate, up-to-date information and maintaining its system in a secure manner as is necessary in order for Futura to provide its services.


Futura will provide its services maintaining the highest standard of quality and ensuring to completely satisfy client, to a reasonable extent.

Ongoing services include, but are not limited to, Hosting and Domain registration with further assistance from Futura.

All of the designed products will be exclusive and not plagiarized. The only exception would occur in the event of using a reference template. However, it will be customized and modified based on client’s requests. Delays may occur due to the following factors: (i) delay in the receipt of requested materials from client; (ii) modifications or additional changes were requested by client; (iii) an additional purchase has been made; (iv) delay in payment.

Please note that the ETA (“Estimated Turn Around”) provided in an SOW is only an estimated time frame and may vary throughout a project based on the factors listed above and/or the complexity of the SOW.

Client may request to modify no more than 30% of the project within 7 days of delivery. Only one revision is included in the price, any additional modifications that were not initially described in the SOW or in the first Revision will be invoiced accordingly.

Futura will provide its suggestions to the client as the role of an expert. Should the client use its own discretion when choosing particular services, Futura will not be held responsible.

IP Rights

Client will obtain exclusive ownership of any work provided to it by Futura under an SOW upon client’s complete payment for the services.
Futura will be the exclusive owner of all support tools; expertise; know-how skills; ideas; designs; techniques; scripts; algorithms; solutions; and materials, as well as any other applicable products used, applied, implemented, obtained, learned, generated, and developed throughout the duration of the services. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions or in the SOW will conflict with this provision, nor prevent Futura from exhausting the above-mentioned resources in any manner whatsoever.


Client is to pay the total amount specified in the SOW, which correspondingly includes all of the expenses occurring during the completion of the SOW and compensation for the services. All payments required to be paid under an SOW will be non-refundable and non-cancelable.

A deposit in the amount of 50% of the established cost is required upon your instruction to proceed with the execution of services. The remaining 50% is to be paid before or on the set deadline outlined in the SOW, which will be established according to the date of the work being completed to your reasonable satisfaction.

Hosting and Domain registration charges are excluded from the payment schedule outlined above. These payments must be provided in their full amount prior to the deadline outlined in the SOW, unless mentioned otherwise.


For information regarding confidentiality guidelines, please refer to the Privacy Policy. If you wish to receive more details, please contact us at +1 (613) 724-0771


The day of the completion of services will be marked as the Termination Date, also considered as being the due date of the final payment.

As for ongoing services, Client may terminate services within a 30 days’ notice, which must take place on the first day of the month. Consequently, the termination date for those services will be considered as the first day of the following month.


Futura reserves the right to use and publish client’s name or logo on its website or any other promotional materials, for marketing purposes only.